Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A

Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
Ye kya ho raha hai bhai?
Testing chal rahaa hai bhai.... Smile
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Arey saab yeh tata sky waale ajeeb testig karat hai, hum tuk tuki lagaaye baithe rahi aur ye humre emotions ke saath khelwaa khelat jaat hai
Bhai.. its Tatasky... so none can predict them what they r doing... all r only rumours unless they themself confirms we cant get any thing from them..
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Very true sir
One thing for sure Tatasky trying hard to get rid of all stigma labelled on its face this time.
AFAIK Tatasky is not worried about label they got.. they r always a Premium services as known from years.. those people in forums only worry and expect more from them but in reality not much effects of non additions of many channels but yes some effects will always be there ..
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Kumar Sir, majority of the population are not super rich or elite, no dth company can become successful by just remaining a premium brand. This is why u can see tata sky rolling out facilities like ''Daily Recharge'' to serve the rural customers where people can't watch tv daily or launch ''poochne mein kya jaat hai'' ads to tell people that they r cost effective. A dth company company has to serve all and this is where tata sky has faulted , they need to be economical which actually they r not so this has led to many customers disconnecting their connections regularly. Also as tata sky gives less channels so current as well as new prospective customers find it beneficial to opt for videocon, airtel or digital cable where they get more value for money. Also tata sky has fights with channels like the current fiasco of not having Neo Channels, they r flooded with complaints from subscribers and just like last years many will move out and opt for other operators

Gone r the days for tata sky when they cold easily fool people and take advantage of being a well known & well marketed brand. Now people r intelligent and make choices carefully.

This is the reason why they have been forced to wake up and take emergency steps
Yes Sir. My point is what I understand Tatasky team is busy 24X7 to do away with all type of limitations and soar high above all competitors.
This time i am expecting a big bang from tata sky. What is ur expectation Harsh Bro?

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