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Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
(Friday 20-March-2015, 14:49)anilsk01 Wrote: i think mj can explain more clear on this Big Grin

SmileConfusedHuhSadShy putting it on my shoulders..

Anyway there looks mistake , out of 500 MHz they just mentioned 250 and ate up rest 250
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(Friday 20-March-2015, 15:03)Amatan Wrote:
(Friday 20-March-2015, 14:54)dayag Wrote: it's true that the Downlink frequency is not matching the tested Vertical Frequency . .
By the way @Amatan ,
Why can't they use reverse uplinking polarity from Vertical to Horizontal ? they may tested that option. presently they are uplinking in Verical Pol to get Horizontal Downlinking . you also said it.

What they will achieve changing from H to V?

same thing which they have been achieving since few years by telling they dont have space and blah blah and telling they are doing this and that . Only few tatasky fanboys will believe their infos.
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MJ Bhai do not worry this time something very big will happen. Wait a little more , both activation of vertical polarity and migration to Asiasat r final
Again vertical TPs are active, testing started at 5:30 AM, i came to know about it as Horizontal TPs ae showing little weak signal and i belive vertical TP's might also have weak signal right now
Brother if you and us post about these signal related updates then few greats will consider as Propaganda . Reality is they feel and treat themself as great but can't understand them :lol: also jealous about our real time updates.Smile

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