Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A

Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
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1) History TV18 (History TV18 @ Rs 17 pm) 11550, H, 32000 Number of audio pids(10=>5)
(Wednesday 11-March-2015, 21:43)aumnamonarayana Wrote:
(Wednesday 11-March-2015, 21:42)dayag Wrote:
(Wednesday 11-March-2015, 21:40)aumnamonarayana Wrote: MJ Bro most dishes r not aligned properly by these DTH People, to get perfect signal dish alignment and lnb skew has to be perfect. If its not proper so in low signal they will get no signal

Yes signals r low in most tp's as i told before, i am getting all channels as my dish and lnb skew r perfect

so the fault was from Users side an dnot from Tatasky . they simply blame TS.
Bro, how can u blame customers? Its tata sky technicians who do not fix dishes and lnb skew properly

I don't think so. they are very proffessionals .very less chance.
Tatasky main website is down but mytatasky working
No Dayag, Techinicians are not professional these days . They just do half work so that they can get called up again after 2months or so and can get some amount.. Its not just tatasky but most DTH.
Ohh !! Money suckers . Sad
Yes MJ Bro these service centre people do this purposefully to earn more money as they get payment share for every visit
Tatasky Main website giving error and not opening

My account LIVE CHAT says.. Thank You for contacting us. We are unable to address your query right now. Please register your query on the New Request form on our website, and we will get back to you

So all in all Tatasky users who are getting no signal issues are really having torrid time
jdrocks confirmed as its from GSAT 10 in 4K Box in another forum.but 11010 v tp
Any further update? Dayag bro plz keep updating. Still signals are low on most horizontal transponders, if tata sky does not solve it then many people will continue getting no signal.

Dayag bro, plz share some info.
let him go to sleep and some rest.. I checked on another dish and adjust signals, both H and V have same signal levels
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