Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A

Breaking FIRST : Tatasky and Tatasky HD updates from Insat 4A
Today all V TP's were low quality for few minutes but not at once. One by one got reduced starting from 11670v to 10970 V . after few minutes they were back to good quality.
They are trying to stabilize all the signals from H and V Transponders
Right. Testing is going on.
During testing ts users may get issues if their dish is properly not aligned.
* Updated *
1) Sadhana TV () 11630, V, 32000 8PSK Number of audio pids(2=>1)
What are they doing with Sadhna Channel?
As i said they are Testing V TP Channels to fix all issues before shifting the channels.
Shift where?
Shifting to Vertical Polarity Big Grin. Do you think they add 12 additional TPs at once ? I don't think so .
Let's wait bro. This is why i said that they will make Sadhna, Adhyatm full time channels and also dd active channels will be made full screen. I guess they will complete the work max by today or tomm
* Updated *
1) ETV Rajasthan (ETV Rajasthan @ Rs 10 pm) 11090, V, 32000 Number of audio pids(2=>1)

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