Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
Ok, here comes confirmation.

Tatasky is going to move to Asiasat satellite at 105 East. It will continue using Insat 4A until the relocation is completed.
Most probably it is going to start from April onwards.
Here comes the confirmations .so from April we will get the new Directions.
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from April relocation work will start.. as now World cup is going on
WOW. Thanks MJ Bro for the confirmation. Always had this doubt whether they will do it during world cup or not and now its sure that they r starting after world cup. MJ Bro will they also add new chs in april?
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Dino, wait bro when they add we have MJ & Dayag!
Amantan Bro, aap naho samjh paaoge. Mere aadhe baal safed ho gaye 5 saal se intezaar karte karte, kaan taras gaye mere yeh news sunne ke liye. Now that its coming true i am getting tears of joy, u won't understand how much effort i had put in to tell Tata Sky to increase bandwidth and add channels. If they add many channels then i will be sooooo happy that u can't even imagine
MJ Bro plz respond. Did u also ask if they will add new channels in april?
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new channels if they want will add even now also, so dont worry or think too much regarding those as of now.
As its is new satellite and they might have planned about future little better than before and took more tps.
Fingers crossed. I believe that they will add many new channels, heard news that they already have pre signed contracts wit many channels and some channels are waiting for more than a year now. Tata Sky has cited bandwidth shortage as the reason to all these channels so now when they move to a new satellite they will have to shed this excuse. Also heard that HD channels like Fox Life HD, Nat Geo People HD, Nat Geo Wild, TLC HD, Animal Planet HD, History TV 18 HD, And Pictures HD, AndTV HD all r in pipeline. I am expecting big dhamaka in April and this time i am sure it will not be fus bomb. Kappa TV has been waiting since August 2013, they had signed contract way back then. Even Disney Junior got added after 1 year of signing the contract.

Channels are ready to dole out loads of money to Tata Sky, so all in all it will be a win-win situation for Tata Sky and its customers
Tatasky have space to add many channel right now itself. migration is far away now. if they are going to add channels in New Satellite then it will take many months to add new channels. if they add new channels in new satellite TPs then Tatasky will not get any profit because very less users can watch them . they will add the existing channels only in new satellite atleast for few months.

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