Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
(Tuesday 24-February-2015, 17:19)Amatan Wrote:
(Tuesday 24-February-2015, 15:32)Shubham Wrote: What about Pack prices when tata sky will add more than 50 or 100 channels including HD also?
I don't think, they will add such a huge bucket of channels.

I have lots of contacts in Tatasky office they told me broadcasters are standing in que from night just to get application form for applying for a slot in Tatasky DTH.

But Tatasky don't like carriage fees or revenues. They always worry about bandwidth and so not adding any channels. Once they move to new satellite they will get so much bandwidth that they can add even same channels twice!

You may be right.:lol:
But, Base pack price will cross its limits.
& HD access will be more than Rs.200 pm as it is Tata brand.:lol:
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It will cross surely because people consider it as royal dth Big Grin
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(Tuesday 24-February-2015, 08:42)anilsk01 Wrote: first priority for tata sky will be add all the existing channel to new sat when this is complete they will start relocation process and new channel adding will also be also done

Yes , and next month only they r going to start some training etc here, and then only we will get more details

Most of the Tatasky fellows are saying it will take april or so
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If MJ bro is right, Tata sky will be huge priced DTH.
Also not to forget that even dish tv is charging 200 Rs. for all HD channels excluding the special ones like HBO premium and Star World premiere HD so let them add all pending HD channels then we can discuss about that Smile
Just for some information , Dish tv charging 210rs for 36 HD channels i think. And they dont have HD access fee , so its little better as of now as users can go to normal base pack and get Full ON HD to get all 36HD channels irrespective of the Base pack channels

If one wants to watch sports/english movies in HD then in TS / D2H they need to subscribe to those pack which has those channels and then pay HD access fee, But here in Dish tv they can opt to any base pack, for example south jumbo pack at 195rs it dont have star sports/ ten sports sony six, zee studio , star movies in SD version but we can watch in HD version with 210rs more..
The same advantage I am getting now.even because of my long term recharge till now no price hike for me.I am paying Rs 210/ for south family pack + Rs200/ for full on HD .
In present scinario Dish TV is best for HD viewer.
dont tell about your long term recharge price hike, if amatan reads he will recharge 10rs and make it short term Big Grin (u dont give ur VC no)
Why he will do that to me.surely not.
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(Tuesday 24-February-2015, 22:07)dayag Wrote: Why he will do that to me.surely not.

Do you given your VC no. to Amatan bro?Huh
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