Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
Everything is mis-spelled as Everyting
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Even that I didn't notice till now.
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(Wednesday 25-February-2015, 20:11)greatsadiq Wrote: Threads Are Not Editable.. Have Made One Spelling Mistake In Above Thread.. Wanted To RECTIFY That..

Can you check now?
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
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Yes Its Showing Up.. Will Edit and See Now..
(Wednesday 25-February-2015, 11:38)MJ786 Wrote:
(Monday 23-February-2015, 21:26)aumnamonarayana Wrote: WOW. Thanks MJ Bro for the confirmation. Always had this doubt whether they will do it during world cup or not and now its sure that they r starting after world cup. MJ Bro will they also add new chs in april?

I had seen that you have posted a thread in other forum saying from 1st April, but i had not said the exact date yet.
Just put it in proper way if you want to share information Smile as per my information which i got i has mentioned it will be starting mostly in April .Everyone is saying they will know more about it clearly in next month.
in other words " dont put your masala in hyderabadi biryani "

april first is the best day for tatasky.only those people will buy it
Big Grin Big Grin
A sarcastic comment Tongue
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With due respect to the informations provided by MJ ,Although my comments may not be correct or not going to happen isn't a chance like this.
Tatasky came through a contract with ISRO and get all 12 TP or few less from GSAT 10 as addition to the existing Insat 4A Transponders then ?
then nothing, we will start tracking for it ..
I just gave information from the tatasky distributors and other tatasky persons.. if they had not mentioned about 105 E and adtv angles i wont have started this thread Smile

If they get less tps from gsat 10 then what will be benefit as insat 4a satellite life will end soon

in next few days we will get more idea Smile
Don't mistake me. i have posted about possibilities only .
if TS Got more than 6 TPs from GSAT then it will be more than enough for them till next satellite launch from ISRO . I think GSAT TPs are of 54MHz ,TS and ISRO might have gone through a contract untill a suppliment for Insat 4A in few months.
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