Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
There is nothing to be mistaken Smile thats why we all are waiting till march to get exact information.
Dayag bro it will not happen, already Tata Sky has suffered enough bcoz of satellite launch delays by ISRO. GSAT10 was launched after 4 years of delay. Tata Sky had applied for 12 new transponders in 2007 and they were supposed to get it by 2009 but ISRO was not able to give it to them and kept them waiting for GSAT10. This is why Tata Sky has decided to move to a foreign satellite and all details have been mentioned in the CAG report. Tata Sky will not take risk wit ISRO again, they cannot keep giving excuse of bandwidth forever specially now that all their isues are in open
If tatasky get 6 TPs from GSAT then they will save crores of money . any way they may migrate very slowly as nothing to hurry as they have space . also may have some security if Insat 4A fails before it's life. the 54 MHz TPs with MPEG4 will give them .
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They will not save anything bro, Insat 4A is already dying and has severe power issues. Even if they get all 12 TP's from GSAT10, do u think they will take another chance with ISRO and wait for another new satellite for additional bandwidth. The answer is NO, they are not doing that and will not do that
in this virtual world any thing can happen that too We can't predict Tatasky.
I am not denying the migrations to AS 8 but talking about possibilities .
today's Update : Just spoke with tatasky employee who got training recently regarding this. He says they have got some basic training and they are moving to Asiasat 7/8.
Still its long way to go as it will start only after april . This month we might get some more details only
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tata sky will not do this migration in hurry , they will take time currently world cup going on so they will not disturb the current set up
they are trying other options also , if they get a good sat other than as7/8 which more tp and good coverage and less trouble for their technicians as we know moving form 83 to 105 50% of the customer they have to relocate the dish position, other they can just track to new position
The senior team of tatasky service here has been just given basic informations about the satellite name, its azimuth , elevations and so on how much they have to move from current position like that.. other than these they have not got any more updates itseems.

Because these people have no idea regarding asiasat satellite before, i am believing them now because they themselves are telling that satellite name as Asiasat 3S, 7, 8 .

Or maybe Tatasky creating hype regarding moving to asiasat just to make ISRO wake up?
If they are not moving then why all these trainings for technicians ? or may be the trainings are a usual activities for them for teh existing direction itself. all are bit confusing now because no confirmative informations from TS Side. we have to believe our sources .
yes here also tata sky team has not given more info about the sat to distrubutor but they gave hint about migration is going to happen ,

as per my feeling they will not take gsat 10 because less tp and as we know that indian sat are not so reliable

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