Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
(Sunday 01-March-2015, 09:49)anilsk01 Wrote: 90% will be ota directly may be some old mpeg2 box may not catch this sat all tp will be of mpeg4 s2 type as old box are mpeg2 dvb s so for that box manually may be done by technicians so for this they will give special training

I think there is no need to update new software for tracking . they can simply add them to NIT. also TS have dynamic update option. The SW may be for the STB which didn't updated by OTA so then they can mannually update them. Also MPEG2 STBs can't get S2 Signals even in the new Software. if so why they replacing MPEG4 STBs ?
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(Sunday 01-March-2015, 09:48)MJ786 Wrote:
(Sunday 01-March-2015, 09:43)anilsk01 Wrote: migration will be done to those customer who call and register for migration , for them they may charge some amt and change to new sat

But , if both satellites going to have same channels why will customer call and request them for migration? and how will customer know about it at first instance?

They might add all existing channels to new satellite in MPEG4 DVBS2 . so the subscriber has to migrate with new MPEG4 STB if he wants to watch all channels.
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My nearest dealer says--
Yes Tatasky is migrating but presently we have no comunications about it's details. Till March end we will get the informations.
Yes, But they are not calling it migration it seems.. But going to use that satellite and this satellite parallel for another 2 years.

Dont know if its not migration then what it is called? But they are moving from 83East as per tatasky persons here.
This person who claims to be a Tata ky dealer called AthiramComm now says that Tata Sky will now use GSAT10 and plans for Asiasat have been dropped. This mockery is happening since last 4 years , people are being fooled with imaginary theories. Wonder if these theories r being propagated by the company itself or by random people but both ways its a nice way to make idiots out of people. Utter level of stupidity and these people call that site a ''Forum'', well yes may be its a forum to just increae traffic by making people fool. I hope one day they face consequences for this
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This is bound to happen to YOU and all . I said it to you about the authenticity of that news many times but you blindly followed. i showed few instances of making mockery.
Even few other dealers who are following the forums been misguided and they too started the same. You tagged every updates of Tatasky as it's for new satellite only.
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Well Dayag bro, i still have doubts about it not bcoz people in other forums are making a mockery but seeing what MJ Bro has also said i believe migration is still on, may be they will extra tp's of GSAT10 till the migration is completed. Anyways i will wait for official word from MJ Bro, he is the only person whose news i can trust fully as he never states info based on rumors, he always speaks the truth. Let's wait n watch
Migrations will be there but may take time as i feel.
I can only give updates either from source or from scanning.. scanning nothing found yet and sources can sometimes look wrong as there may be last minute changes from company side and here they dont get updated fast enough.. But for now i am still with Asiasat as here still distributors have not got any more latest update..

If in other forum he has good sources then maybe he gets news before these fellows here.

Will try to get updates as much as possible

In Sun Direct case also they tested on Asiasat and but then moved to Measat Smile

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