Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite

Breaking NOW : Tatasky moving to Asiasat 7/8 satellite
Looking forward to more concrete info and ur updates MJ Bro, hope all confusion is cleared shortly. I have little hopes from Tata Sky bcoz for last 4 years just rumors have been spread
So if Gsat then they are getting 54MHz TPs and more space .
Another aspect is even if they get 6 More TP including the existing 12 from Insat then also they will get many. ISRO might provide a new Satellite once Insat life expires by launching to the 83 orbit. if this happen TS will be bemefitted many crores of migrations to other satellirte.
I guess Ku band TP's on GSAT10 are of 36 Mhz each
(Tuesday 03-March-2015, 18:14)aumnamonarayana Wrote: I guess Ku band TP's on GSAT10 are of 36 Mhz each

I heard 54MHz. but i may be wrong. correct me if wrong.
MJ Bro any update, today i git a call and the engineer was saying that we need to come to align the dish to a new satellite. I was busy so i told him to call later. Have they started migration to Asiasat. I am more curious as i did not register the complaint, it was registered by tata sky itself and engineer called for migration
If you had allowed then you would have been the first to know Sad Hope MJ knows some updates in this regard.
Just now i found some activities from Asiasat 7/8 . it's in Vertical polarity.
what activities?
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Plz explain the changes bro. Keep updating with details

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