Tatasky will Telecast 7 WCC Matches in UHD

Breaking NOW : Tatasky will Telecast 7 WCC Matches in UHD
I got some informations from my source. This is not the official confirmations .
7 Matches ie:
  1. 4 Quarter finals
  2. 2 Semi finals
  3. Final
Will be shown in UHD. these matches will be shown in Star Sports HD1 Channel. as usual we need to subscribe crap HD Access fee . the dedicated UHD channel of Star Sports HD 1 may or may not be added. probably they will telecast in the existing SS HD 1 itself by upgrading the channel . They might add a Dedicated UHD SS HD 1 For UHD STB if needed .he didnt confirmed on this.presently they are testing the UHD Content atleast for 1 hour on backend as he said.
Dayag.. Match Between India Vs Pakistan Is Also UHD Live Match..So Total 8 Matches As Of Now.. If India Matches Also Counted Then Count Might Increase.. Whats The Use of UHD Channel If Its For 7 Matches..
I asked the same Ind-Pak match but he have no information for more than those 7 matches.
I have just now had a chat with Tatasky CC. He too said the same information to me.
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If Indo Pak Match Is Not There Then Their Effort To Promote 4K Is Waste..
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Right. Indo - Pak match must be shown in 4K.
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so for these matches one need to pay and buy that UHD box?
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