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Breaking FIRST : Technical Issues on G SAT 8 , notice on Mana tv channel
Mana tv channels has put up notice on its channel confirming that it is transmitting from G SAT 8 since yesterday and facing some techinical issues on it and regretting for such issues.

[Image: bj7e6q.jpg]
i saw some where experts telling it is from 57 and not from 55. they are not able to read this thread?
(Thursday 22-March-2012, 09:25)motwani Wrote: i saw some where experts telling it is from 57 and not from 55. they are not able to read this thread?

I can also see the words GSAT8 on that screen of this image other than that i cannot read as it is some telgu region language,so it is confirmed that these channels are from Gsat 8 which is on 55 deg and not from 57,those persons are experts there in other forums so they will tell like that as they know only that much.might be he did not get signal :lol:
we know about Mj bhai and all others also agree that he is leader in providing informations fast and accurate unlike rumours.
what a joke... must be they had not got the signal at all , if it is 57 also why he is not able to post it then Big Grin Big Grin
Big Grin Big Grin Which idiot said that this tp is not from GSAT? I am sure they are just half knowledged persons in sat field and might not have got signal for this so thinking it is old one. Quite outdated fellows. In this Pic the channel itself saying Gsat 8 satellite name. But they Big Grin Big Grin

This proves their expertise in sat fields. So they are called as experts in crap forums Big Grin

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