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Technicolor HD stb software updated
[Image: 783b44456eacdc260abf8a53051fa2e3.jpg][Image: 954cf4f9ac51dbbc2e8f5ada612632fe.jpg][Image: 3c6cf5a8f34fc2bd0df17ad1fd732fad.jpg][Image: 4fcc1e00e07f369228a29e9f80eeb9b3.jpg][Image: 409b5be6d5b5f1aacd0b7047051c22ed.jpg][Image: 786fdaea9a4cd29700854a4a17fcc3ce.jpg][Image: 29b6ed347818e287407f205193daca25.jpg][Image: f896439012ab640d0eb7be3f5fa9f64e.jpg][Image: 3a2521bb7ff1e9d836b5344963217f3d.jpg]
[Image: 973ef1f64d1a19d940a3c3622b99c402.jpg][Image: 413b5167f883f8fa6f54419d134c68a5.jpg]

This build will also carry the below changes :
1000 service support.
Image highlight on Guide (when enabled ,based on headed configure.

Intelligent CA & error messages

LNB reset and default Yellow button.

My stb software downloading
[Image: f27d2939a9d9e7379693c5183a39a296.jpg]

Release id 10c
Something they are doing Smile
Good Update Thakur Bro
Good news

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