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Ten Sports HD to be removed from 10th Nov
Scroll running on Ch no 78 mentioning that Ten sports HD (remember it is upscale channel) going to be removed on 10th nov 2011 from dishtv platform
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Good to see that Dishtv is replacing the up-scaled channels one by one with True HD channels.

Here is the SS of the scrolling.

[Image: IAiP7.jpg]
[Image: xMiyj.jpg]
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now dishtv will really be leader in True HD channels.all other DTH cannot even come near to what dishtv can offer in HD content as they have seperate satellite for HD channels.
Are there any change of Zee HD channels adding on Dish TV on 10th November, 2011.

As Ten Sports HD & Ten Cricket HD are going to be discontinued from dishtv platform on 10th November, 2011.
Lets hope for the best.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
Two channels less on dish tru hd. what comes on those 2 channels anyway.
Is channel removed or not?scroll was running also?
It is showing in the channel list till now.
by this time channel should have been removed.
(Thursday 10-November-2011, 19:54)tsrocks Wrote: by this time channel should have been removed.

I think more than dishtv users you are worried about it Big Grin all dishtv HD users are still enjoying them .. so no need for you to worry ... they will remove tonight also.. or tomorrow whenever they want.

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