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Test HD added in Tatasky
many tps already have 18 to 19 chs and r full to their limit, on some tps there is space and few new channels will b added soon on them.. apart from that ofcourse vertical polarity will b activated soon and 50 to 60 new chs will b added soon
10 HD on 36 MHz TP ie
38 Mbps for 10 HD channels - 3.8 Mbps per channel?!!!! that too for HD?!! It would be worst experience to watch...
buddy hd tp has space of 62 mbps
vishvish bhai has mentioned the available space in each tp
hd tp has 63 mbps,its a mpeg 4 dvbs2 tp with fec 3/4
home tp 11010 h has 36 mbps,mpeg 2 dvb s tp with fec 7/8
other 10 mpeg 2 dvbs tps have space of approx 50 mbps

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So , you are talking based on that Info ?! Smile

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