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Test HD added in Tatasky
any further update???
any further updates mj bhai?
no changes on it.. it is still same with Test Schedule EPG.
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(Sunday 05-February-2012, 22:06)aklal Wrote:
(Sunday 05-February-2012, 21:11)amatan Wrote:
(Sunday 05-February-2012, 20:08)aumnamonarayana Wrote: vishvish bhai has mentioned the available space in each tp

hd tp has 63 mbps,its a mpeg 4 dvbs2 tp with fec 3/4

home tp 11010 h has 36 mbps,mpeg 2 dvb s tp with fec 7/8

other 10 mpeg 2 dvbs tps have space of approx 50 mbps
Vishvish bhai himself is not sure and instead telling mrs.bhat/kulal/aklal/anarica to post the updates from his tuner Big Grin


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you are asking him to go to hell Smile instead you yourself are coming and posting rubbish.

i think they will add it only by friday as till 8th its showing test schedule epg, they will add actual epg on 9th and add the hd channel ( ten hd ) on 10th. what co incidence, ten hd being added on 10th

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