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Test HD added in Tatasky
thats normally when they test with channel name... but here it is Test HD service as name..
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Hope for the BEST.. Big Grin
Two days gone so Tatasky might add this channel anytime soon.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
any changes on this channel ?
no mate.. it is still same with any update on that test.
Now it is showing EPG as "Test Schedule"
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Cool:-) hope will get a HD channel.
Thanks MJ :-)
thank god that vit is finally showing epg, hopefully it will show channel name soon
thanks mj bhai
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The slots in that epg are every 4 hour duration... so could it be hinting towards bringing back Showcase HD channel.......the EPG listed is same till 8th Feb... lets see tonight again for more update if it happens.
well dummy epg mostly has 4 hrs diff in programme timimgs, so not to worry, its not showcase hd, i believe it will be ten hd as its high in demand

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