Today TV Added On Asianet Digital Cable

Breaking FIRST : Today TV Added On Asianet Digital Cable
Asianet Digital TV Added Today TV a Malayalam Channel On LCN 116

[Image: hOI3qup.jpg]
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This Asianet logo in the bottom will come for all the channels just like DTHs?
yes dear , in some old box its not coming but in all new box asianet digital logo visible
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAnV6WPDV-spgRWEzND-A...Lbjdtmz7ao]
Yes they use exactly the same logo above . Even those bottom line "Empower your television" is present. Logo is very big. But the transparency level is good.

I have requested several times to reduce the logo size. But they don't care. May be I am the only one requesting Big Grin
The channel picture quality is good. Channel was launched in February I think .Still was added on cable only recently. Den Cable also added this recently.
TODAY TV is good Malayalam GEC.I am many time watched this channel on DEN Cable network.Any chance for TODAY TV on DTHs ? I am many time requested for my dth cc for this channel addition.But no responce.

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