UTV Action Telugu added on Dish TV

UTV Action Telugu added on Dish TV
I had just scanned and couldn't find the channel Sad

Thanks to Ravi, I realize that the channel is removed shortly after its addition
yes samanth ji,even when i put 888 it was showing signal not found,then i scanned and it completely disappeared.but we no need to worry as they will add again soon
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(Wednesday 14-December-2011, 20:27)amatan Wrote:
(Wednesday 14-December-2011, 18:18)MJ786 Wrote: 3rd dth to add this channel after videocon d2h, airtel

First dth to remove so soon after adding? It might come in other satellite or come back here itself but still....
Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

(Wednesday 14-December-2011, 20:28)amatan Wrote:
(Wednesday 14-December-2011, 17:03)ravi Wrote: that is very good news for telugu viewers.one more extra channel to them but ABN was removed from dd direct plus few days ago

This just shows dubbed movies?

yes,its just like Utv Action hindi, showing dubbed movies in telugu..
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