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Upgraded To Dish Tru HD+
congrats nivin, now is a good time to choose dish hd because of the maximum no of channels plus the package flexibility.and 990rs it is an easy decision

only issue is their customer service, and their broken systems. Be aware you will lose the hd channels first during rains. I asked them if they have some solution for this like a bigger dish they have no idea just told me everybody face the same issue

so it seems their systems are still not fixed, i wanted the familysports pack but they couldnt give it, so got the allsports+full on hd+alacarte. Now they say need one month wait to downgrade

i got the hd superstar pack though, but never watched those even for 5minutes may be unsubscribe next month
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You are right, for me there is no way to add superstar alacarte. They are telling full on HD pack is not activated in my account and for adding superstar alacarte you need to subscribe to any HD add on pack.

I am already having full on HD free for 1 month and I am getting those channels. But they say it's not activated. Argued with couple of them, later stopped fearing that they may even stop the 1 month free HD Addon.

Also I downgraded my pack to Jumbo family from all sports. While downgrading they told I need to pay separately for the Malayalam language pack. I asked why, you were providing 1 language pack free with all South packs. They told now it's like this only and if you want to watch Malayalam you should pay extra. I argued with them again for a long time. Later I told do whatever you want and cut the call. Now it seems they are charging Rs 20 for Malayalam alacarte for me.
the recent changes are too complex for their systems and the customer service agents to handle. you can try selecting different language to get a good agent, they are very rare though. try to speak very slowly like you speak to a kid or with underdeveloped brain

since the new changes last week now we cant even login or send an email. earlier i only used to send emails and never had to talk these guys.
Tried malayalam and english.No use Sad
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may be try the local dealer who did the upgrade, may be they didnt update properly creating this issue
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