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Breaking FIRST : VTC switches to Vinasat 1 satellite
VTC switches to Vinasat 1 satellite

The Viet Nam Multimedia Corporation (VTC) has switched from the AsiaSat5 100.5 E
to the Viet Nam VINASAT1 satellite to better serve its customers.

With a desire to better serve VTC customers, VTC will stop AsiaSat5 satellite service on the date 10/03/2012 and boost satellite services Vinasat1 Vietnam.

To improve service quality and response to the campaign "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" of the Party and Government, VTC service focused on satellite television VinaSat1 Vietnam

in Morning i was able to get signal on 12357 H , but then after sometime lost signal.. only 2 tps are active now on AS5 instead of 4 which were before.
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I am from Hyderabad, i have a VTC STB and used to get signals from Asiasat with a 90cms dish, now as VTC shifted to vinsat1, i like to receive VTC signals from Vinasat1, i have the Elevation Azimuth and LNB slew values from lynsat.com. But Hyderabad is out of vinasat1 Ku band's footprint, Can u please suggest the dish size and other required info. i was suggested to contact u by the member "lnb15k".

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yes, it was last year when i got new 90cm sun HD dish i was trying for new sats.. and as lnb15k told me to try this , i tried and was able to get this 132 E tp 11048 H 28800
so if u can then try with this TP as it was bit strong so we can get on 90cm some 20% signal,if u have 6ft or so then might be more signal you can get.
Thanks MJ786, I am feeling confident to get these signals after ur reply, And from which location did u try? is it hyderabad? can u please suggest any places where i get a 6 ft dish in hyderabad for a good price?

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i guess you are asking 6ft solid dish which we use for cband ..
there is nothing specific.. have to roam few shops in koti... it was 1900 last year when one of my friend took.. so might be same or around 2k
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