VTC switches to Vinasat 1 satellite

Breaking FIRST : VTC switches to Vinasat 1 satellite
(Monday 16-July-2012, 21:09)ramkiran Wrote: Hi MJ786 & LNB15

Guys finally I found Vinasat1 today, felt triumphant looking at the green quality bar, I owe it to u guys, MJ786 and LNB15. U guys are amazing, the Knowledge and Experience.

I did with 90cms sunHD dish. there is an offset angle for this dish around 30 degrees. so all the while i was looking at wrong elevation. Now the quality level is 40% the picture is coming like blocks. I will try with 180cms dish and update u.

Thank U very much


You have all the reasons to be happy. Hope you get success with 6ft dish also. If possible use prime focus Ku LNB for 180cms dish Smile
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Guys i tried finding vinasat with 180cms dish, it was very difficult to maneuver the dish. and the other thing is the signal is coming only with monoblock KU bandLNB on 90cms dish, not with Normal KU band LNB. i couldnt understand why? I have 2 in 1 C and KU band LNB with separate output for each band for using with 180cms dish. i think i need to make a bracket modification for installing the monoblock on 180cms dish.

anyways i want to try with 130cms KU band offset dish antenna, Guys if u know any shop in Hyderabad where i can find this antenna please let me know.

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