Vasanth TV, Jaya Plus & Seithigal Added on Dishtv

Vasanth TV, Jaya Plus & Seithigal Added on Dishtv
Jaya Plus & Seithigal Added on Dishtv from NSS6 and Vasanth TV shifted from AS5 to NSS6.

Vasanth TV on TP - 11172,H,27500
Jaya Plus on TP - 12535,V,40700
Seithigal on TP - 12535,V,40700
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Good news for customers with dish tv normal lnb. Good additions but those two are news channels.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
indiasat you silently rock the forums Smile
Very good news for Dishtv Tamil subscribers.

The channel nos. are:

925 - Vasanth
926 - Jaya Plus
928 - Seithigal
yes surprise to see these channels added today when yesterday thread was there about 19th may these channels will be adding.thanks to that member nityaprakash also who mentioned about this yesterday
Here are the images from STB

[Image: 241v6t3.jpg]

[Image: 210afj7.jpg]

[Image: 2iktmdt.jpg]
Viki needs to again update his list of Tamil channels Big Grin I hope now Dish tv wins over Sun direct Big Grin
Free Preview Period of the newly added channels is upto 17th June

[Image: iz0y8h.jpg]
dishtv always gives free preview of new channels unlike few dth which charges extra bucks
adding sd channel but no signs of Zee real hd channels..................shame on dishtv

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