Video on Demand service VOD Tata Sky launches

CHANNEL LIST Video on Demand service VOD Tata Sky launches
Tata Sky has launched Video on Demand (VoD). This service will be inclusive of Catch Up TV and VoD Movie Library. Introductory offer, Catch Up TV and Movie downloads have been offered free of charge for Tata Sky+ subscribers for the first month. Then on, Catch Up TV will be a free service, while movie downloads will come at a nominal fee. Subscribers need to simply connect Set Top Box to their broadband connection using an Ethernet cable.
Video on demand,does they charge?we need internet connection also to it
It is not for us with this speed. Imagine we need to download some HD video which runs for 50minutes. Then it will be around 1.4GB and will take few hours even on 2mbps connection.

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