Videocon D2H changed FEC of 1 TP

Breaking NOW : Videocon D2H changed FEC of 1 TP
no he just told me that in last october itself st2 operation had started, noone realised it as settings of 6 tps on stv was same as 6 tps of st1, he told that additional 2 tps will b activated soon on st2 , i do not know but i believe that total d2h will soon have 12 tps on st2 gradually over next few years just like airtel increased tps on ses 7
what are they doing since october , why they did not add 2 tps,why giving poor quality channel
the FEC is changed back to 2/3
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today the HDchannels tp 11483 V is showing fec as 3/5 instead of the old 2/3

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