Videocon d2h 4K UHD Video 24 January 2015

Breaking NOW : Videocon d2h 4K UHD Video 24 January 2015
nice effort Smile
Hi all, I have ordered D2H 4K STB yesterday and it will be installed in 14 working days as per Customer care.
(Monday 26-January-2015, 22:59)MJ786 Wrote: nice effort Smile

I have ordered D2H 4K STB.
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14 days Is too much waiting Sad Hope you get before World Cup Starts.
I think they are still waiting for Star Sports UHD and if it dont come on board then 4K boxes will be waste and they might get to face lot of anger from customers . Hence i think all this delay
(Wednesday 28-January-2015, 20:13)Sree Wrote: hi

Congratulations. why 14 days ? they have already launched it. so they should install within a week itself.
As it is new supply to demand will be high. So giving 14 days might be maximum time as they also know customer might change their mood. For now still they are showing 4k praises and no actual content other than that beach volley ball.
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i dont think there will be much demand
People are mad especially after buying big TV they don't have much content to watch. So some of them will go and take the risk of buying this STB as till now they won't have seen UHD other than in the shop/showroom demo.
I am not able to get how the downscaled UHD will be in HD TV ? How much the PQ will effect the HD Channels in UHD STB ?

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