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I am getting Viewing Card Not Inserted Error occasionally . It has happened 3 times now. When I switch on the stb it first shows Viewing Card deactivated. Then after couple of seconds the error changes to Viewing Card Not Inserted. Each time I remove VC from box and Reinsert couple of times then it will work for some days.

Any idea why this error is happening? VC is 4 years old but looks to be in perfect condition.
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  • gapa
just clean the chip and re-insert it bro.
I have done that from first time itself bro . Again after couple of days the error pops up. Today it's the 3rd time it's happening. I again cleaned and inserted it. After trying couple of times it worked. But I am sure it will repeat again after few days. Actually I ignored this last two times thinking it would be some dust. But today it happened again Sad
I think your VC is old but it is paired with New HD box right after you have upgraded?
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Yep it was paired instantly

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