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i want to renew sun direct and my STB is still in Insat and software hasnt been updated.
So can i exchange stb and renew, if so whats the cost?
there are different model of sun direct stb which one you have.i am sure you can exchange it
for renewal there are some cheap offers available,you can check with MJ or check other threads here or even contact distributor for details and replace stb or update software in it.
which stb you have? coship,homecast or samsung or opentech
its opentech.
Last year gave the STB to service centre for updating the software but it just froze. nothing was happening so brought it back and it is collecting dust now. got an offer of recharge of Rs.25 only for a month
25rs for a month? how much balance you have already in account.. why not go for 555 - 6months or 999 for 1year if you are from south..

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