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(Saturday 14-January-2012, 07:58)anwar4u Wrote: this channel still free?when checked last few months ago i was getting this but then it scrambel.please mj bhai tell is free

Yes... it was FTA few months ago with normal way as the channel name itself was viewable in all stb. but then got scrambled.. last few days go again it started fta but on different Pids.. as it replaced one of the removed channel and is running there...
(Saturday 14-January-2012, 11:39)jatin Wrote: mj bhai,in other forum they say it is fta since long time and closed the thread.But i do not get this channel fta on d2h stb.I dont know what to say.
Please update as even i watch before but not able to view it nowas it says subscribe

lol... why they closed the thread? i think its most confused forum there.. so they are just trying to close the valid threads and keep going on the rumours and speculations thread..

It was fta that time but went scrambled.. but now as they removed music india channel.. it is showing this channel on its place on fta stb... but i dont think that forum knows about these things.. so they will prove that they are busy with rumours spreading.

and now i understood this dinobhatt who was asking for pids... and when sent PM... he posted it in that forum i think after asking so many times for the pids.. Its very good that the thread is closed there and its good insult for the thread starter if he is the same dinobhatt...
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Thanks mj,please pm me also those pids

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