Thanks for the Welcome note Admin Smile
Thanks admin for your warm welcome.special members like Mj and amatan shld also be mentioned.thx for all ur co-operation admin.
Thanks to Amatan, Kumaran, Vinay, Tsrocks, Motwani, Beghawat, Shan, Ravi.

@Amatan thanks.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
(Monday 09-January-2012, 21:06)MJ786 Wrote:
(Monday 09-January-2012, 21:00)greatsadiq Wrote: Thank You... I Was Present From Week One...Smile
I think it is because as you started posting recently.. Maybe the admin thought that you are one of the bots who were only there to watch who's online page. Smile ( just kidding)
Oh I See... In Other Forums Those Post Count Has Not Increased Just
Watching Who is Online LIST... From August There Is Really No Interest
To Post.. So Many News I Have Passed On So That Others Can Post..

Sadiq MJ was kidding.
(Monday 09-January-2012, 20:46)dthhelp.com Wrote: Welcome Admins:

Sathish Kumar


Smods of forums:


I am really very happy to see all the other forum admins and team members to be part of our forum. Smile

A warm welcome to all of you to DTHHelp forum.
I sincerely thank MJ and Amatan for their effort and contribution to DTHHelp.
Also My sincere thanks to ravi, tsrocks, DTHGuide, motwani, Beghawat, kumaran, vinay_kumar for their contribution to DTHHelp.
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(Monday 09-January-2012, 21:34)arsh25 Wrote: Sadiq MJ was kidding.
I Know Man... This Was Discussed When I Met Him On 31st Dec 2011...
Thanks Admin and everyone around.....
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