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Breaking FIRST : Wrong data on Indiamatic Forum

Tata Sky only gives 76 standard definition chs in full screen plus 11 in active service in this pack. They have mentioned 182 chs plus 2 free regional top ups which takes the count tp max around 115 to 120 if u take 2 of the highest ch packs like tamil, telugu or malayalam, what the hell made them write this i don't know. Don't they know maths?

Plus Value Sports pack of airtel gives just 128 chs in this pack and 1 free regional top up, they have mentioned 205 as channel cout, the list is all wrog and fraud. Don't believe in indiamatic , they just don't present facts
in value sports you can take 2 free ad-ons.
:lol: not surprised as no one has ability there to point out mistake , only 2 - 3 members have some knowledge
most of them only praise blindly and click informative or like Smile
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maybe it could be some mistake (havent checked what is correct total also) but members can easily help on those things . As Mentioned by ravi members should bring to notice if such error happens.. after all everyone has to contribute..
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we should appreciate every one's effort "better than finding black cat on dark night".
it will be corrected soon. Smile
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