Z ETC Bollywood added in LCN 669

Z ETC Bollywood added in LCN 669
Z ETC Bollywood Channel has been added in LCN 669. Priced at Rs 4/- pm ala carte.

[Image: Fex0Tlw.jpg]
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Very affordable ala carte price.:d
yes :lol:
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Although it's FREE/FTA in Dish TV Still it's not in South Sports Special Basde pack of Tatasky Sad
If we look carefully lots of FTA channels are in pay mode in all dths but Tatasky rocks in that.
Atleast they should add in any of lower base packs . let they charge as a DTH provider. they r providing certain channels to us in a single dish and STB. so they has to charge some thing .
Then for what they get carriage fees?
Perhaps for mediation of providing the channel to us fom broadcaster Big Grin .
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Z etc bollywood &suvarna plus added
LCN@669, 826
Xclusive Ss--
[Image: IMG_20150214_071430.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150214_071415.jpg]
Welcome brother to DH. Hope many more informations from you.

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