Zee Kannada set to launch ‘Mahadevi’ from 14 Sept

Breaking FIRST : Zee Kannada set to launch ‘Mahadevi’ from 14 Sept
MUMBAI: Zee Kannada is set to launch
a mytho-fantasy fiction called
Starting 14 September, the show will
air Monday-Saturday at the 8.30 pm
The show revolves around a village
girl Tripura Sundari, who works at the
temple, cleaning and decorating the
goddess’s abode. Her entire family
depends on the temple for their
livelihood. But she doesn’t like the
goddess, her namesake, and refuses
to accept her as a goddess.
Sundari’s disbelief towards the
goddess goes deeper to her past
incarnation as Princess Rajeshwari, a
great devotee of the goddess. She was
haunted by three devious men who are
in pursuit of Shri Chakra, a powerful
object of divinity. Rajeshwari loses
her life in the sanctum of the
goddess’ shrine and promises never to
worship her. Life has come full circle,
Sundari is the only one standing
between the three bad men and Shri
Zee Kannada claims that ‘Mahadevi’ is
an enthralling and electric saga of
mystery, devotion and magic. It is the
next part in the ‘Devi’ franchise,
which was launched three years ago on
the channel.
Ramesh Indira, who directed ‘Devi’, is
once again directing the show. It is
produced by Shruti Naidu.
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