Zee Salaam Added on Tatasky (testing)

Zee Salaam Added on Tatasky (testing)
(Friday 27-January-2012, 12:39)aumnamonarayana Wrote: i am really happy that finally my muslim brothers have a devotional ch to watch on tata sky, now i hope even christian brothers get god tv soon
i want buddist tv

(Friday 27-January-2012, 07:48)MJ786 Wrote: Zee Salaam is added on Tatasky (Testing currently). It has replaced Showcase channel.
Mrs Bhat/Aklal/Kulal copied yours and posted it as breaking news that too after quite some time! Most of the days he breaks every thing very late Big Grin

With his other ids he managed to take it to 4 pages of praises. When you get time I request you to visit that thread and laugh at his immature thinking that others cant find his other ids.

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