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Zee tv hd on airtel digital dth ?
(Sunday 29-January-2012, 10:44)ravi Wrote: arsh and sadiq you both got it wrong,he means to say as far as i can understand

before he used to send sms enquiring about zee tv HD he used to get reply about zee tv availability options from airtel,But now he is not getting that reply.SO he is asking if they are doing some changes and adding zee tv HD
He Said Wrong Keyword.... So Must Be GET Code Not Working... Else He Would Have Got Some Or The Other Message...

I Pondered Upon The Thought You Wrote But When GET Service Is Not Working Then Nothing Can Be Done...

No man it is still sending same message like old.. no change.. maybe u entered it wrong.
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What I can understand is....sonu_adtv is looking forward to know if Airtel is going to add ZEE TV HD shortly, then they must have activated the GET and ADD SMS for ZEE HD. However whenever he tries to send such SMS, he gets the response as 'invalid request'. So..he's thinking if Airtel has planned to add ZEE HD..they are supposed to activate SMS service for a particular channel a bit earlier. But as far as I know..SMS service is activated..sometimes earlier (days before)..sometime few hours before channel addition and sometimes even after the channel addition.

In short, sonu_adtv seems to ask...when ZEE TV HD is coming on ADTV ?
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Can we know when Zee TV HD will be added in ADTV. Hope you have some good news to share.
zee tv hd is not came on Dishtv tru hd also so it will come on both dth soon
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