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Aaj Tak HD post Exposes Shamless forum still copying updates from here

As you all are well aware that there is one copy d*g forum which copies all updates from here with some duplicate ids of admin and post there, here is one more expose.

Aaj Tak HD is testing with test service name and we are the only one who have got the pics of it and updated here but as usual this news is copied without source by one expert who is just acting chumcha and duplicate id of Raz.

Our greatest dth expert bro MJ786 has posted this exclusive update here and dino has posted there that he read in other forum as Aaj Tak HD is testing in this slot, and then that RAZ replied to him. But now Dino post is removed but still they kept Raz post as its usefull for them to get loads and likes. Shameless forum will one day face the fruit of these attitudes. As their so called experts are unable to get such exclusive updates they are resorting to these types of cheap tricks as always.


here is proof

Dino has said there but it’s removed becoz he told truth!

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  1. Ab profile pic asli lagta. Sarfaraz puppy

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