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ACT Fibernet launches 1 Gbps wired broadband internet service in Hyderabad

ACT Fibernet launched 1 Gigabit per second wired broadband internet service in Hyderabad, the first player in the Indian market to offer such a high speed for an entire city. 

ACT Fibernet, which claims to be the largest non-telco internet service provider (ISP), uses fiber optic technology, and its 1 Gbps offering is 400 times faster than the average internet speed of 2.5 megabits per second in India. 

Gigabit speeds, will allow downloads from the internet faster than transferring data from a USB drive, and will be available for Rs 5,999 per month. 

“With our citizens and the government moving towards the Digital India movement, high speed internet is the need of the hour. With the launch of our 1 Gbps broadband internet service, it gives me immense pride to turn this dream into reality,” said Bala Malladi, CEO, ACT Fibernet . 

ACT Fibernet’s 1 Gbps wired internet service would soon be available in the 11 cities the company has presence in.

Updated: December 30, 2017 — 11:07 am

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