Activities found in Few Horizonal transponders…

While checking Tatasky Transponders in Scan i found some activities in few Transponder Frequencies.. Its not confirmed as New TPs .. its just a Info what i found in Those Positions…
Its Round about
12510 H
12560 H
12585 H
12635 H
12715 H

Any one Found/Got ?

Updated: December 30, 2017 — 9:39 am


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  1. Any further activities on these frequencies?

  2. Nothing presently.. but you found 5hrs ago.. so maybe it could be off now as well.. Lets see next time if u find again and if i am also online then we can confirm. i normally see some 1 only near 12400 -12450 but then in few mins they vanish.

  3. Yes Sir, GSat 6 only has S Band & C Band transponders. Apart from this GSat 12 is also there on this orbit carrying just C Band transponders

  4. I think this sat is not having KU Band Transponders…

  5. They might be Data streams.. But Lyngsat have this info in 83°E..Dont know about this sat..

  6. Waah Ji Waah! Great Update Bhat Sir. But how can new Ku band transponders be found on this orbit as it only has two satellites & all the Ku band transponders are being used by Tata Sky.

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