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Airtel 4K Service testing update copied again by Copycat forum

Airtel 4K Service testing update copied again by Copycat forum today.

As always this website is daily becoming a nuisance to the world wide websites, they are just fit to copy information’s from other sites and post there and jump.

Recently today early morning we were the first to update about 4K service channel testing on airtel dth and we had posted it at 1.35 am and one of the member there (or could be some duplicate ID of admin as he has lots of duplicate Ids in his site) copied the same and posted it in general section at 1.41am. Here you can find the same with screenshots


This is their post which is copied, you all can clearly see how they have copied the same title and without any proof simply one liner post was posted , you can see how they are fit to do these only whole day. As usual the admin there is shameless and wants to keep the post which is copied without any source pic there as his main post.



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  1. Admin of that forum replied to some member post about sun direct stb new model:
    While many YouTube channels have been copying our community’s hardwork without any permission these days, any ethical site like us would never encourage our members to do that as we understand what it feels like when your content is reshared/stolen without your permission.


    He is very good lier. If you would really felt bad, than you would’ve removed V**i’s copied post and also that 4k service testing post from his Forum. But for money and fake likes he didn’t do. Typical Unethical admin giving knowledge about Ethics. 🤣
    He wants news regarding Tataplay and Airtel as there are more users for that than Sun direct so he doesnt want to copy news about sun direct but always wants to copy post of Tata and Airtel from here.

  2. He eats laddy ( copy cat member)

  3. I don’t know what he eats

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