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Airtel Digital TV adds new Nameless channel news copied

Due to few works we were unable to update this section. We posted a news about Airtel Digital TV adding a new nameless channel on the frequency 12401 V 43700. We also posted image of the channel on April 2nd 2023.

“Nameless 12401_13888” added today on Airtel Digital TV (pics inside) on 02-Apr-2023

Today at 8.50 am the copy cat posted in his copycat forum giving title as Breaking…channel added so on. Is it first of all breaking?

vadi copying posts from


Today is 5th and we had posted it on 2nd. We posted with image too.

I don’t want to mention that name, clue is today’s copy cat is same old copycat who said Star Sports 4k channel will be added in Airtel, Tata Play and he even went on creating stories after stories as if he was sitting next to Star Group and as usual some believed and many fake likes were created by the admin to please this copycat. Now it ended as total fake and if that admin had any shame or put any salt in his food he would have banned this person and also deleted all those threads. But it is impossible as he is saltless & shameless admin.

Forget that shameless admin, this copycat not going to earn anything but atleast if this fellow had some shame he would have stopped doing things like this. But he is also same like his admin.

Request to the copycat, as you are very near and dear to Tata, buy some Tata salt and use it in your food and hope you become like normal human being having some moral values atleast later in your age. One thing forgot to ask, you were even telling others that we are jealous of you! Have you even ever posted one breaking news on your own? After all you are a copycat copying from here so what is there to get jealous on you? You don’t even have this level of basic intelligence!


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  1. haha,he was silent since ipl started because all his news were false and nothing happened. His fake stories including addition of star sports 1 tamil and telugu hd on d2h, sun direct, addition of 4k sports channel, addition of new 4k channel on tataplay as testing.
    so to avoid the shame he went missing and now came back by copying news.

    1. Bro vijay super hd tonight airtel added or not lcn 773.

      1. No news about addition of vijay super hd on airtel dth

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