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Airtel Digital TV goes blank

Despite receiving proper signsls, pic and audio r blank. Tried restarting but still no difference. Seems some problem at their end. Remember in 2013 similar issue happened and many complained


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  1. Now picture quality lot better than what it was before the fault? In that case it will be good thing for us.

  2. Picture Quality has improved drastically now

  3. Everything back to normal now

  4. Not a transponder or signal issue as all tp’s have proper signals so at their end too weather is fine else they would not have been able to uplink signals and we would have faced signal issue.

    Seems like some major technical snag, let’s wait and watch

  5. Yes many channel not coming.

  6. This bad weather is just an excuse, the real reason must be different. Their main base station is at Manesar ( Gurgaon) and weather is clear there

  7. Seems that some major fault has happened, hope its resolved soon

  8. Many chs operating by taking signals from DD Free Dish

  9. Now banner on most chs that there is technical issue at their base site and they r transmitting thru bsck up site so only some chs would come

  10. Now back without logo and horrible picture

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