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  1. Happy to see you back bro 🙂

  2. Thanks Beghawat, Motwani, Kumaran, Sadiq, Mj786.

  3. Well.. he is Back.. Just had chat with him and hope he will soon start his updates 😆

  4. I am also missing his posts and updates.

  5. as sadiq mentioned i am little busy with personal works and also as its ramazan , hardly having time to watch TV or scan sats.

    I still get updates from members like Sadiq ,satish and our admin Raman.

    And thanks to satish for his updates from DTH and other sats I am still getting to know what is happening on Dth whenever i see forum for atleast few mins of a day.

  6. AMATAN Is Missing and MJ786 Is Busy… Had A Chat With Him In Evening… For MJ and Me Its Ramzan Time… Hectic Schedule.. Donno Where AMATAN Is..

  7. Also missing MJ and his updates..

  8. Yes we are missing his updates… 🙁

  9. i also miss him.

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