Aryan TV added on Airtel Digital TV (Exclusive images) 22-Jun-2018

Aryan TV added by Airtel Digital TV on 22-Jun-2018 It was added on the frequency 12341 V 43700. It is from SES 7 at 108 degrees East.

Details of Aryan TV channel:

Channel name:Aryan TV
DTH: Airtel Digital TV
Symbol Rate:43700
Video PID:1081
Audio Pids: AAC-ADTS PID 1082 = hin

Screen shot of Aryan TV from Airtel Digital TV

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  1. I am happy that airtel is adding these FTA chs as it will help boost their revenue but high time that popular SD/HD chs r also given equal importance. Also Citizen Voice (Aryan TV) has been added on LCN 365, looks like 364 has been booked by another channel awaiting finalizing of deal.

    1. Thanks for the information. Airtel should also consider reducing their pack prices.

      1. No chance for that bro. Everything is getting costly hence they can’t bear all the rising input cost burden , most of it is passed onto us & rest is taken care of by carriage chs & ads. Despite all this their financial sheet is not all gloomy, also their telecom business is reeling in deep debt. Airtel should try to add more HD chs, market it well, improve their customer service & maintain/update app + portal properly to improve their performance. As a subscriber i find it surprising that their app + website is full of bugs, information is never refreshed & customer care executives lack knowledge to addresss our concerns. If status quo is maintained then i am afraid but airtel dth will fast go on a downward spiral in the intense competition.

        By the way have u seen the new Hollywood Diaries channel being run by airtel, honestly even local cable operators run their in house chs better than this. Extremely terrible packaging, graphics, content , promotion. Sometimes i feel airtel is not serious about their dth business.

        1. No haven’t seen much other than when it was fta and I was taking screen shots.

  2. Good fast update

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