bindass Dream Start

bindass Dream Start
bindass Dream Start

If music has been your passion and your dream has been to live a life of a musician, here's your #DreamStart. bindass Dream Start: KMMC edition gives you a chance to make it happen. Register it is just another click away:

This time around bindass Dream Start gives young India an opportunity to learn music from the masters at KM Music Conservatory : an institute founded by Dr. A. R. Rahman in Chennai.

[Image: ABB3XLw.jpg]
[Image: OjoPNxm.jpg]
[Image: 0q2KQth.jpg]
[Image: ikr8kgx.jpg]
Faculty for Western Classical Piano Performance post is still vacant there in Chennai. If some has the eligibility you have a chance to apply for the job and also has a chance to teach the people who come from Bindass.

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