"bloomberg quint" will be added midnight

"bloomberg quint" will be added midnight
bloomberg quint channel will be added midnight.
channel number 900
price 6rs per month
it's business English news channel.
Brother any information of adding kannada channel "colors super" in tatasky
What type channel Nilu bro ?
(Monday 01-August-2016, 18:38)Animax Wrote: What type channel Nilu bro ?
business English news channel...( new channel)
abhi ye kahan se leke aaye ho Sad iska naam na pata cband par
(Monday 01-August-2016, 18:38)Animax Wrote: What type channel Nilu bro ?

Bloomberg Partners With Quintillion Media, Forms BloombergQuint

Bloomberg Media today announced the formation of BloombergQuint, a new partnership in India with Quintillion Media, India’s digital news venture founded by serial entrepreneur Raghav Bahl. The partnership will cover broadcast, digital and live events across India, serving business and financial news to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

In a new agreement that commenced 1 April, BloombergQuint will harness the unrivalled global resources of Bloomberg with Quintillion Media’s deep market experience to create a revamped business news channel and digital destination for India’s growing business audience.
Oh so it will be exclusive to ADTV Smile
MJ bro, its the Bloomber HD Channel which was testing on Asiasat i guess few days back
Da Vinci Learning still not added, it is also a channel launched in partnership with Quint

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