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Category: Satellite Dish & Receiver Setup Guides & FAQs

Discussions & information about Satellite TV guides & tutorials on setting up your dish, troubleshooting it. Also find information about Satellite Receivers, Fixed Dishes, C Band LNBF’s, Universal KU Band LNBF’s, LNB Brackets, Cabling, Connectors, DiSEqc switches, Line Amplifiers, Splitters etc.

Xcruiser XDSR585HD, XDSR515HDR and XDSR685HDR 4K box comparision

Here is Xcruiser XDSR585HD, XDSR515HDR and XDSR685HDR 4K box comparision Xcruiser has recently launched XDSR515HDR and XDSR685HDR 4K boxes. You can find all the comparision between these 3 boxes here In short the different between 585HD and 515HDR box is that.. 515HDR box has Inbuilt Wifi and Card Slot..  and little advance is 685HDR box which has 2GB Ram and 16GB Memory along with CAM and Card Slots. There is no change in Software between these 3 products. [align=center] [/align]

Xcruiser launched XDSR685HDR 4K Android Box

Xcruiser has launched XDSR685HD AVANT new 4K android model box  Box price is 700 AED. Description [i]Hardware Features:[/i] CPU => Hisilicon Hi3796MV200 QuadCore 1.6Ghz RAM => 2GB DDR4 Memory => 16Gb Front Panel Display => 7-Seg Display White Video output ports => AV 3.5 Jack / HDMI Memory Card Slot => Yes MicroSD USB ports => Two Ports 2.0 and One Port 3.0 Digital Optical Output => Yes LAN port => Yes WIFI => External USB WIFI 3G => External USB 3GModem IR (Remote Sensor) => Extendable Card Slot => Yes Cam Slot => Yes Software Features: Operating System => Android 7.0 Nougat 4K UltraHD => 4K 60FPS HDR10Bits, WCG, HLG Resolution => 480I NTSC to 2160P Supported Media => MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, MPEG Google Playstore => Yes & Xcruiser Market TimeShift Playback & Record => Yes Schedule Record/Playback => Yes Picture in Picture => Yes , HD & 4K  Record to Storage => NetworkDrive, USB, HDD, SD Card. Multiple Channel  Record => Yes, Satellite and M3U Channel Scan Types => Manual / Auto / Blind / Advanced © 2022 Frontier Theme