Channel bouquets should not be allowed, popular magazine urges TRAI

One popular magazine Satellite & Cable Tv has come out with a suggestion for TRAI regarding Tariff related issue. It may be noted that we have already posted news regarding this. TRAI has extended the comments for its draft proposal. Link:

As per the suggestion from the magazine, the key suggestion was to simply and remove rules which confuse the consumers. Apart from it other suggestions include that all pay channels must be given only as A la Carte. There should be no bouquets. No discounts of channels under any circumstance nor any NCF discount.

100% of NCF should go to LCOs and NCF should be in two slab ie.Rs.100+tax for 100 SD channels and Rs.150+tax for unlimited number of channels.

Other point is ‘Must carry’ channels of Doordarshan should not be charged under NCF.

It should be noted that this magazine is very popular among Cable Tv operators.

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