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  • Sir, you provide all satellites's channel list like Asiasat 7 and 5, IS 20, Insat 4B and much more. I request you please also provide channel list of Paksat. It will be helpful. Please consider.

  • Sir, You provide channel list of Asiasat 7&5, IS 20, Gsat 30 and much more but you does not provide list of paksat channels. Please consider about this satellite. It we be helpful for us or all peoples.

    • Thanks for contacting us. We earlier had paksat channel list much before others but then we stopped updating it. As per your request we will try to get this in our updated list soon.

      • Thank you very much for updating Paksat satellite. Sir i need i have solid 6363 Decoder with asiasat 7. I am watching all FTA channels except Paid. How can i watch paid channels like star, zee, sony, Ary network and much more in Solid 6363 Decoder Any option/Idea/Suggestion.
        I am watching personally not business. And not showing access control in my Decoder. Please suggest me. Someone told me about C ***e. What is C **** and its any Indian website which i could see.

        Please, your suggestion is very highly important to me.

        • you cannot watch paid channels which you mentioned with fta box or the other thing you are talking about. these packages are going to work with Decoders from respective broadcasters which they are going to provide to mostly cable operators and dth.

          • Thank you very much once again. I got your explanation be carefully. Sir i can buy personally paid channel decoder like star, zee or sony. If buy, how may I contact to buy. Now, mostly DTH provider showing foreign paid channels on their platform like BBC world news, Aljazeera, RT tv channels. So can I also buy paid foreign channel's decoder in india.

            Please suggest.

          • Instead of spending thousands in decoder of seperate broadcaster just buy one DTH and enjoy all channels

  • Thank you very much. Sir one thing more i have Asiasat 7 and watching FTA channels on Solid 6363 set top box. In this regard i want to watch also paid channels on this set top box personally as home not business so how i can watch paid channels like Star Network on videoguard, Sony Network on powerVu, Zee Network on conax, Ary Network on ir***o(Pakistani Network) and much more. Any idea/suggestion. It will be helpful for me. Please guide me.

    Someone told me about C ***. If C ****is better so how can i get and where ???
    C *** is legal or illegal.

    • obviously its illegal. you cannot watch the above packages wihth this as well as this is just for some dth which never work for long . the packages can be opened with Decoders from those broadcasters only..

  • Dear officer

    Please provide to you my mail id only for international tv channel details.

  • Sir, I have C Band (Asiasat7) and Ku Band (DD Free Dish) with one decoder for one tv. Now i want to use above dish antenna for two tv. i am using one C band LNB with both polarity (H & V) . Can i use splitter for this C or Ku band one LNB having both polarity. Someone told me regarding splitter that you have to use seperate LNB for each polarity. Also told me LCO always use seperate LNB one for H and One for V. But i am using only one LNB having both Polarity. So pleaase tell me can i use splitter for two decoder.

    • You have two stbs? You cannot use spliter for two tvs. If on one TV you keep H pol channel and on another TV V pol channel then which will get tuned? LCO keep one H and one V due to this reason. For Ku band you can buy readily available dual out lnb and can use two stbs without any problem.