Meet the Team Behind

Meet the Team Behind Unveiling the Minds Shaping Your Experience


  1. Omkar S – Founder
    • Meet Sri. Omkar, a visionary and one of the three creators of With expertise in server-side operations, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the platform’s seamless functioning.
  2. M. Javed – Founder
    • Introducing Javed, a founding member and integral to the management of His role extends to overseeing key aspects of the platform.
  3. Sathish – Founder
    • Say hello to Sathish, another founder who contributed significantly to the early designs of the website during its inception



  1. Amatan – The Insightful Contributor
    • Amatan, an astute individual, consistently provides noteworthy updates that add significant value to the content.
  2. Mr. Leader – Your Source for Breaking News
    • Mr. Leader stands out for being a reliable source of breaking news, particularly in the transition from C band to DTH. His updates often set the pace for other platforms.
  3. Mj786 – A Pioneer in Breaking News
    • Mj786, known for his pioneering role, has been a significant contributor to breaking news and was notably active in the past.


  1. Animax – Breaking News Enthusiast
    • Animax is your go-to contributor for breaking news across various topics. Specializing in Anime series and their schedules in Indian television, he consistently delivers the latest updates.
  2. R-K – Tata Play Exclusive Offers Expert
    • R-K excels in bringing exclusive offers from Tata Play to our site, ensuring our readers are well-informed about the latest deals and promotions.

All these talented individuals contribute to, enriching the platform with diverse and valuable content.

Get acquainted with the brilliant minds steering the course of, dedicated to providing you with valuable insights into the world of Direct To Home and Television news.