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D2h adds “Harvest24x7 Christian Channel – Free”

“Harvest24x7 Christian Channel – Free” added on D2h.

This happened on 04-Aug-2022

Technical parameters of Harvest24x7 Christian Channel – Free channel:

Channel name:Harvest24x7 Christian Channel – Free
DTH: D2h
Symbol Rate:43978
Video PID:2721
Audio Pids: Default MPEG PID 2722 mal
Service ID: 74


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  1. Update :

    Vendhar TV (LCN:2889) will be removed with effective from today midnight on d2h platform.

  2. One Slot of EZ Mall and Zee Delhi NCR Haryana will be LCN changed from 14th August, 2022

    Ez Mall
    Current LCN-750
    New LCN-752

    Zee Delhi NCR Haryana
    Current LCN-752
    New LCN-753

  3. “BHARAT 24” Hindi News Channel will be added on d2h platform with effect from 14th August, 2022


    Price: Rs.0 (FTA)

  4. Update:
    2 HD Channels Will Be Added On d2h
    Colors Cineplex HD (LCN 340)
    Zee Zest HD (LCN 952)
    2 SD Channels Will Be Added On d2h
    Colors Cineplex Superhits (LCN 341)
    Colors Cineplex Bollywood (LCN 367)
    Colors Cineplex Will Be Move New (LCN 323)

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